Monday, 20 February 2012

Disposable piping bag

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For so long I've avoided recipes that require piping. First you need to buy the piping bag, then the added attachments, oh then there's the cleaning and the storage of the little bits and pieces. Too hard! I know, I know you can buy disposable ones at the supermarket. Again, too hard. 

What I've always done is use a sandwich bag, put the icing in, push it to one corner and snipe that corner. Pretty sweet! But ... with heavier icing and frosting, the plastic stretches out of shape and its just harder to pipe with. It needs more rigidity. 

After watching a few cooking shows on TV, I noticed piping bags made from baking paper. So I googled how to make one. Its pretty easy and does the trick! From now on - baking paper piping bag all the time!

Basically you need a triangle pieces of baking paper and fold that into a cone-like shape, then fold down the wider end to secure. Check out this video on youtube search how to make a piping bag from baking paper.


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