Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cutting cake into layers

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I learnt a really neat trick to cut a cake into layers. I typically would use a knife and struggle with the wonkiness. After googling for a little while, I found a lot of tips to cut cakes into two layers, again with a knife. 

I came across this site that was brilliant! I did this for my black forest cake and it worked a charm! Especially with having to split the cake into 3 pieces. Below my pictorial instructions.

Using fishing line or scentless dental floss, line up along the top of the toothpicks and pull through slowly.


So cool! I'm always a bit daunted to try recipes where you can to cut the cake in sections. Hmm, might give this a go. Great tip!

Aha!!! I was looking for something like this only...baking a cake 2moro...thank you :)

You're welcome Smita. Good luck with the cake! ;)

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